Chris <Chris A. Reher>
I have been creating web sites and working with images, specifically photographic images, since 1995. My educational background is in advertising, back when a video camera weighed 80 pounds and the Internet was practically unheard of. But no matter how technology, trends, and demographics change, the basic "rules" of page composition remain unchanged. The trick is to apply what works to ever-changing sensibilities.

Although I like to try new software as it happens I've found that nothing beats a steady hand with HTML. Knowing code can get you pretty much out of any jam (or so I tell my students). The image on my title page depicts just that: the steady hand of an artist, sketching a computer language with only a pencil.
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Chris A. Reher, MCP, CNA, A+ Tech Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

Sir Sandford Fleming College, faculty - web design & HTML
Freelance web author - see sample sites.

<Major Web-related Software>
Adobe Photoshop, Corel PhotoPaint, HotDog Pro, Home Site, Dreamweaver, Fireworks.

<Published Works>

Published "Web Design with HTML and CSS", Logitell Publishing, 2005.